Top 15 Best Running Earbuds & Headphones for Small Ears 2021

earbuds for small ears

Running with music can make a massive distinction.

A study by Brunel University located that listening to songs while you run can enhance endurance by 15%, which is substantial when each mile counts!

However the earphones you wear can make or break for your running tunes, particularly if you have little ears!

If you’ve attempted to keep up badly equipped earphones that frequently fall out, you’ll understand how irritating this can be.

However, there is great information for us small-eared individual!

There are a lot of headphones on the marketplace now that are not only outstanding for running, however superb for suitable little ears also!

This post will discuss some of the basics behind selecting the right set of headphones and after that review a few of the best running headphones for small ears.

Just how to Choose the Right Headphones for Running

Like whatever, there will be elements of individual preference associated with which earphones you select.

For some people, wireless is the only alternative they will consider while others will like corded.

Some people like over-ear designs while others don’t.

There are some points that are universally vital, like some water resistance, sound quality, durability, and fit.

Different Sized Parts

This is the offer breaker for joggers with tiny ears.

You’ll absolutely wish to make certain that the headphones include different sized earbuds and also, if they use them, various sized wing tips/ear wings.

It might take a bit of experimentation, however as a whole, many tiny earbuds must work with even the tiniest of ears.

best earbuds for small ears


It’s not really feasible to try earphones before you purchase them. It’s important that they don’t fall out when you run.

Every one of the headphones on this list have been picked with this main function in mind.

It’s essential to realize that it is feasible to wear your earphones incorrect, particularly if they have wing suggestions. If wing pointers are not positioned correctly in your ears, they can adversely impact audio high quality, so it pays to check out the guidelines as well as experiment to make certain you’re doing it!

Water Proofing

Some water resistance is necessary if you want a pair of earphones that will last you a while.

You will undoubtedly sweat, perhaps run in the rainfall, and if you’re like me, commonly utilize your headphones to enjoy a flick when your ears are still wet from bathing.

best earbuds for small ears

Wireless Connectivity

The cordless versus corded debate is partially preference based. There are pros as well as disadvantages to think about too.

Wireless headphones:

  • Are a lot more expensive,
  • require to be charged,
  • have a minimal battery,
  • direct exposure you to even more radio waves,
  • frequently have a little poorer sound high quality that relies on the range from the gadget, as well as,
  • need to have a control board which is something else that can damage.


They don’t restrict do not movement in any way and method as well as be will certainly cords hanging in your way.

On the other hand, corded earphones:

  • Always offer constant sound high quality,
  • don’t need to be charged as well as won’t run out of battery,
  • do not reveal you to additional radio waves, and,
  • are much more budget-friendly.


You’ll have to be careful about mindful concerning which could snag can pull as well as earbuds out.

best earbuds for small ears

Sound Quality

The majority of headphones these days have quite incredible audio quality as far as inexperienced ears are concerned.

But if hearing every one of the refined nuances of your songs is truly vital to you, you’ll want to choose a pair of earphones where audio high quality is a concern, eg. the MEE Audio earphones below.

You’ll additionally wish to make a decision whether you wish to able to listen to any background noise while you run or whether you want total sound isolation.

TOP 15 Best Running Headphones for Small Ears 2021

1) AfterShokz Trekz Air Open-Ear Wireless Headphones – Best overall

Review: These headphones utilize one of the most sophisticated innovation on the market right now. Rather than resting inside your ear canal, they rest simply in front of your ear as well as send the acoustic waves via your cheekbones to your ears.

This implies that your ears are still cost-free to hear outside noises such as website traffic and other people which is a big safety and security reward for running.

As they being in front of your ears as opposed to within, they fit for any kind of sized ears.

The quality of the sound is outstanding, they don’t fall out off when you run, and there are no aggravating cables to worry about.


  • Enables you to hear bordering noise at the same time as your music.
  • Other individuals can’t hear what you’re paying attention to regardless of not having earbuds.
  • Extremely lightweight and comfy for long periods of time.
  • If you’re somewhere where you do not want to hear history noise, like a plane, you can wear them with ear plugs as well as still hear your music!


  • Shake a little when the volume is up or bass is heavy.

Takeaway. If you can pay for the price, these are likely to be the best running headphones for small ears.

2) Sony Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones – Premium Choice

Review: These are a high quality, well designed set of earphones at an economical rate.

They are comfortable to run in, efficient in withstanding rainfall as well as sweat, and have various sized components to fit various sized ears.


  • Built-in microphone allows for hands-free calls.
  • Splash-proof design can take care of light rain and sweat.
  • The 4 different sized earbuds permit actually little ears.
  • Excellent sound high quality and extremely comfortable, light-weight design.
  • Affordable and great worth for money.


  • Some issues with the resilience of the quantity switch, yet this seems to be the only issue.

Takeaway. These are a reputable set of sports-specific earphones and are conveniently a few of the best running earbuds for small ears.

3) Sennheiser OCX 686G Headphones – Editors Choice

Review: These earphones are an excellent choice for joggers that like the over-ear hook design. The earbuds are available in various sizes as well as negate background sound well.

They are several of the most safe, sweat-resistant sporting activities headphones on the marketplace.

The sound top quality isn’t as first-rate as less sports certain earphones, but I don’t believe you can get excellent noise when you’re running anyway.


  • Earbuds successfully block out history noise.
  • Various sized earbuds suit smaller sized ears.
  • Voice turned on controls.
  • Ergonomic ear clips supply a safe and secure fit that remains in place while you run.
  • Sweat immune.


  • The fit isn’t wonderful for everyone. Your may have to fiddle around to locate an excellent fit.

Takeaway. If you can obtain the healthy right, these earphones are optimal for joggers with tiny ears, being protected, with excellent audio top quality as well as hands-free controls.

4) MEE Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation Earbuds

Review: These earbuds are in fact developed for artists because of their premium audio top quality. Particularly, they are “made for the stage, constructed for the roadway”.

Yet, they have a tight, safe and secure fit as well as a sweat immune style that makes them suitable for joggers.

If you’re a musician and a jogger, these may be the earbuds for you!


  • Replaceable, detachable cords suggests resilience is not a concern.
  • Very good worth for money.
  • Features Comply memory foam ear pointers and 6 different sized silicone earbuds.
  • Unbelievable sound high quality.


  • Not everybody loves the over-ear layout of the cord.
  • They are possibly a little too efficient shutting out background sound which could be an issue for road runners.

Takeaway. If sound high quality is your primary priority, these are the headphones for you.

5) Monster iSport Intensity In–Ear Headphones

Review: These earphones are well created for joggers.

They are water immune so will certainly deal with running in the rainfall, they don’t befall when you tug on them inadvertently as well as they permit you to maintain a little bit of contact with your surroundings, not shutting out noise totally.


  • Pivoting OmniTip for boosted convenience been available in several dimensions.
  • Sweat-proof.
  • Outstanding audio top quality while still having the ability to listen to history sound.
  • Voice control.


  • Not cordless, no Bluetooth options.

Takeaway. These are a great pair of earphones if you operate on the road and also require to be able to listen to web traffic. They are certainly some of the very best running earbuds for small ears 2021.

6) Jaybird X4 Wireless Sport Headphones

Review: These are conveniently several of the best bluetooth earbuds for small ears. The X4s are upgraded from the X3s, currently being more sport particular with safe fitting wing ideas, enhanced waterproofing and also a cable cinch for a more customized fit around your head.


  • IPX7 water-proof score.
  • 8 hrs of battery life.
  • Safe fit to manage running.
  • Can be reversed to match left or best handed joggers, with the left handed alternative having the cord over the ear. Left as well as extreme right suggestions are removable so can be changed.
  • Comes with both silicone earbuds and a Comply foam option so you can pick the quantity of sound isolation you call for.


  • Some customers have actually had problems getting them to hold their fee.

Takeaway. These are top of the line headphones with a safe and secure fit as well as outstanding waterproofing that you can rely on for running.

7) Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Headphones

Review: These cordless Bluetooth headphones are optimal for joggers with small ears coming with several sizes in both earbuds and wing suggestions.

They provide comparable audio high quality, fit and convenience compared to a lot more expensive models.


  • 4 different sized earbuds and 3 wing ideas.
  • Wireless with 7 hours of battery life.
  • IPX5 water resistant ranking versus sweat and also rainfall.
  • Extremely budget-friendly as well as fantastic high quality for the cash.
  • The earbuds have magnets so you can squeeze them together around your neck when not being used.


  • The control item hangs under the best ear and might turn a bit when you run.

Takeaway. Headphones like these make you wonder why you require to spend $100+ for equivalent performance. They fit as well as give excellent audio top quality.

8) Senso Bluetooth Headphones

Review: These are some of one of the most prominent Bluetooth earphones on the marketplace right now. They are really cost effective, with excellent audio high quality, and they fit securely in small ears for running.


  • Extremely budget friendly.
  • Flexible ear hooks are created to fit any type of ear shapes and size.
  • Up to 8 hrs battery life.
  • 3 sizes of ear pointers included.
  • IPX7 water resistant ranking.


  • May not fit for really long periods of time but certainly comfortable enough for any kind of size run.

Takeaway. These are an additional collection of headphones that make you wonder how the more pricey designs can justify their price. They do not have the very best sound high quality on the planet, yet if you simply want beats to run to, you can not actually fail with these.

9) Samsung U Flex Bluetooth Headphones

Review: These are first-rate headphones but with a mid-range cost which makes them an excellent option.

They have a versatile neckband style with wires that reach up to your ears from the band which you will certainly either like or hate.

But the audio high quality is solid in these headphones as well as the light-weight style fits as well as doesn’t move around when you run.


  • 3 dimensions of earbuds, 2x standard as well as 1x maintaining.
  • 8 hours of battery life.
  • Excellent noises as well as call quality.
  • Earbuds link via magnets when not in use.


  • Some longevity concerns.

Takeaway. These are a good value collection of wireless headphones, sized appropriately for little ears and also comfortable sufficient to run in.

10) Skullcandy Method In-Ear Sweat Resistant Earbuds

Review: These earbuds are an excellent selection if you’re not keen on wireless styles and value the simplicity of a wingless ear bud.

As long as you don’t yank really difficult on the cord, they remain in place equally as well as any one of the other earphones on this list and also give great audio high quality.


  • Sticky gel innovation earbuds stay in location when perspiring.
  • Sweat immune design.
  • Corded layout so do not have to worry about battery life or Bluetooth connectivity.
  • Comes with different sized earbuds.
  • The cable has a clip to keep it out of the way when working out.


  • Microphone is not specifically top quality.

Takeaway. These are a good value set of earphones that are a great selection for small ears as you won’t need to fret about any kind of expensive ear hooks not sitting quite right.

11) Urbanears Hellas On-Ear Active Headphones

Review: For those who like the typical design earphones, the Urbanears Hellas are lightweight and made to stay in area while you exercise making them excellent for running.

Ear size does not really have any result on the fit of these earphones so they’re suitable for people with little ears.


  • Wireless with a 14 hour battery life.
  • Light-weight and also developed to stay in place when you run.
  • Swipe user interface on one ear permits you to regulate settings without a remote.
  • Removable head band and also pillows take in sweat and also are equipment washable.


  • Not water resistant so not truly suited to running in the rain.

Takeaway. Impressively light-weight and also secure fitting, these are the most effective running headphones for small ears if you’re not a fan of earbuds.

12) Jabra Elite Active 65t Earbuds

Review: These hold true wireless earphones, being cordless from each other too, not simply from your phone.

They are developed to stay securely in position regardless of the task as well as are well fit to running.


  • Earbuds can be found in multiple dimensions.
  • Constructed in Alexa and voice command.
  • 5 hours of battery time.
  • Sweat immune.


  • Really expensive.

Takeaway. If you truly don’t intend to be managing cords of any type of kind, these are the very best wireless earbuds for small ears.

13) Bose SoundSport In-Ear Heaphones

Review: Similar to the Monster iSports over however with a much greater cost, these corded earphones are designed to be comfy, remain safe and secure while running, and also deliver premium audio while still letting you listen to enough ambient noise to remain risk-free.


  • They do not entirely block out ambient noise so risk-free for road running.
  • Includes 3 various sized wing pointers and earbuds.
  • Outstanding audio quality.
  • Sweat as well as weather resistant.
  • Keep secure in your ears while running.


  • Some sturdiness issues.
  • A little expensive wherefore you get.

Takeaway. These headphones are a few of the best on the marketplace in regards to sound high quality, however their longevity and total performance possibly don’t quite validate their high price tag.

14) Samsung Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds

Review: as one of the initial versions of true next-generation cordless earbuds, the Samsung Galaxy Buds, Bluetooth True Wireless Earbuds are genuinely pushing the envelope of what is feasible from such a small package. The mix of reducing edge innovation, comfort, and also sound high quality make these among the best cordless earbuds available today!

Believe we’re exaggerating?
Think again, as the Samsung Galaxy Buds have actually taken the game to the next level. During testing, we were surprised by the performance and extras consisted of with these headphones. These are a real six hr pair of wireless earbuds, something that many firms claim to have attained, yet very couple of really have.

However, sadly, the carry situation only supplies 7 hrs of service charge, which is a lot less than several of the competitors. Throughout our week of screening, we found this much less annoying than we initially believed, however it is still something to keep in mind.

What about the noise?
The audio high quality was very outstanding, unsurprising as Samsung have actually constantly been understood for top quality earphones. Comfort has not mosted likely to the wayside either. These were incredibly comfortable, as well as the addition of the Samsung wear application indicated that we could blend the noise the means we like it.

Specifically, we discovered the call quality to be class-leading, with the brand-new microphones doing an impressive task of grabbing our voice and blocking out the rest.


  • Full 6 hour cost time.
  • Class-leading mic.
  • Comfy.
  • Well developed application.


  • Just seven hours of cost stored in the bring case.

15) Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones

Review: locating the best wireless earphones for small ears was not the easiest task! With so many alternatives around, we were hard-pressed, paring it to just what you see on this list. The Shure SE215-K Sound Isolating Earphones with Single Dynamic MicroDriver were never ever in uncertainty of missing out on a place!

This incredible collection of wireless earbuds left us desiring more each time we used them!

What is so enticing about these?
For starters, Shure is among one of the most trusted audio devices makers, and also the Shure SE215-K wireless earbuds have actually taken the marketplace by storm because they were presented. Mostly marketed as a set of activewear earphones, we found them to be greater than versatile adequate to make use of all the time!

Do you want to know a little trick?
These are not actually timeless earbuds in all, however extra like what we understand as earphones. Earbuds are created to fit much sufficient inside to achieve very little sound seclusion, yet not deep sufficient to supply rich sound performance.

The SE215-K actually rests much deeper, giving unrivaled degrees of comfort and also audio quality unattainable by timeless earbuds. This deeper seat also gives exceptional noise isolation. We discovered the audio to be neutral, without glaring faults and a cozy soundscape.

A best fit …
The included “FitKit” can be found in 3 dimensions (S, M, L) of the flex as well as black foam sleeves, offering convenience to all sized customers, yet particularly the vertically challenged among us. A tremendous battery life of 10 hours playback time is a significant plus, yet there is no added life in the event, unlike a lot of the others.


  • Removable cable system enables numerous connection alternatives.
  • Excellent noise seclusion.
  • 10 hrs playback.


  • No charge in the bring instance.
  • Not aesthetically pleasing.

smaller earbuds

Advantages as well as Uses of Earbuds for Small Ears

Several Eartips

All of the earbuds for small ears featured multiple ear suggestions of different sizes. Generally, there are three different sizes readily available. The default size mounted on the earbuds is normally the tool size, as well as the individual can always replace these with the larger or smaller sized ones for his/her individual preference as well as appropriate fit. There are numerous earbuds for small ears in the market which come with double-flanged ear suggestions. These ear pointers are narrower than the normal ones and also are much longer too. Their fit and sealing are better than the normal ones, and also they are perfect to utilize as earbuds for small ears. Therefore, earbuds for small ears have this great benefit of choices offered in terms of their eartips.

Much less Penetration right into the Ear

It is essential for individuals with small ears to make certain that the ear pointers are inserted properly right into the ear canals and that they are not mosting likely to fall off as the individual makes an abrupt activity. The ideal eartip in such a case would be one that can sit inside the thresholds of the customer’s ears as well as offer outstanding audio also from there. This desire has now come true as there are lots of sporting activities or workout earbuds that for small ears, as well as these can provide top quality audio, and also these sit rather shallow in the ears of the user. Such earbuds for small ears come along with earfins that make this performance possible. This is great for those people with tiny ears whose ear canal are additionally narrow as these can effectively being in the ears. The ears of the user neither obtain harmed, neither do the earbuds fall off.

smaller earbuds

Good Positioning

The earbuds for small ears have to be placed effectively in the ears so that they can provide the best possible audio. For this, the customer is needed to experiment a bit, and also they arrive at the setting that gives the sound that has got the very best bass feedback. When this setting is found, the user can constantly position the earbuds for small ears in a comparable fashion, and also he/she would certainly be able to appreciate his/her preferred tracks a whole lot much more. The ideal positioning offers a great fit as well as sealing. There are many earbuds for small ears readily available out there which have to be twisted around the ears initially, and after that they are placed right into the ear. These earbuds are likewise placed appropriately to get the most effective noise. They are very stable on the ears as compared to normal earbuds for small ears.


The hefty ones would tend to slip out or fall off the ears of the individuals who have small ears. In spite of the high sturdiness of the steel earbuds, for the earbuds for small ears, it might be more effective to utilize earbuds for small ears made out of timber or plastic. The wood or plastic earbuds for small ears would certainly be very light as contrasted to the metal ones and also would certainly not often tend to slip out or drop off the individual’s ears specifically in the wake of an abrupt motion, etc.

Kinds of Earbuds for Small Ears


The earbuds for small ears ae available as both wired and non-wired ones. The wired ones are the ones that can connect to the old songs devices as well since they use the conventional 3.5 mm audio cord for connectivity These earbuds for small ears would certainly be much better off if the wires or cable television are covered with thick rubber or knotted or flat Kevlar to make tangle-free. The wired ones supply fantastic audio high quality since the signal transmission from the songs tool to the earbuds is problem-free.


The non-wired earbuds for small ears use either Bluetooth technology or a few other for connection to clever tools like laptop computers, tablet computers, and also smart devices, etc. Therefore, they need to be within the Bluetooth range, which in older Bluetooth innovations was 33 feet as well as is now 100 feet with using the most up to date technologies. The user has to make sure that as soon as the earbuds for small ears get on, he/she requires to stay within the confines of the Bluetooth range.

The non-wired ones undergo interferences from various other mobile phones, audio speakers, etc. however, the most up to date ones are unsusceptible such outside interferences.

earphones for small ears
Cropped shot of a young woman exercising in the rain

Water Proof/ Non- Water Proof

The earbuds for small ears are offered in waterproof and also sweat proof designs as well. These earbuds normally have and IPX7 or IPX8 water resistant ranking. The IPX7 rating makes sure that even if the earbuds for small ears are dipped in 1-meter deep water for as lengthy as30minutes, they will certainly continue to execute appropriately. The IPX8 score goes also more as well as mentions that they can be dipped in depths more than 1 meter for as lengthy as30 minutes, and also they would remain to execute with no concession in quality. The exact deepness of immersion is various for various producers for an IPX8 ranking. Some earbuds for small ears would certainly also be sweat evidence besides being waterproof. Some individuals might be curious about obtaining earbuds for mall ears that are water resistant versus sea water too. The earbuds for small ears with waterproofing as well as sweat proofing can be used as sports or exercise earbuds, as well as the user can head out also in the rainfall without being afraid that the earbuds would certainly be harmed. The exact same is the case with mosting likely to areas where there is a fear of splash of water

The earbuds for small ears which are not waterproof and also sweat evidence can not be used for sports, exercises or out in the rainfall while jogging, running or playing sports. These need to be used with treatment, guaranteeing that they are constantly completely dry to make certain toughness and also a great audio in any way times.

earphones for small ears

Features of Best Earbuds for Small Ears

Proper Fit

This is by far one of the most essential of all the functions for the very best earbuds for small ears. Such earbuds would be able to hang really near the entrance of the ear canals and still provide the most effective fit in addition to high quality sound. Such earbuds can fit the ears of individuals with tiny ears extremely conveniently. As discussed previously, with test and also mistake, the customer requires to get the ideal ear tip dimension as well as additionally position these properly in the ear to get the ideal possible audio.

Audio Performance

The earbuds require to sit properly in the ears of the user without falling off or gliding yet should additionally be able to offer a terrific noise as that is the primary function of their use. The bass, the mid-range, and also the highs are appropriately stabilized in the best earbuds for small ears.


The accessibility of several ear pointers of various dimensions in addition to other devices makes the earbuds for small ears ideal for individuals with little ears. Much of these earbuds come with Earhook which aid in accomplishing a correct fit on the ear and this is good for the customer as he/she does not have to focus on keeping the earbuds from falling off or sliding and can concentrate much better on the audio. Other accessories like a carrying case are also really important for the best earbuds for small ears.

mini head phones

Build Quality/Durability

The best earbuds for small ears are durable even if their housing is not constructed of metal. As the acquisition of such items is an investment by itself by the individual, the most effective ones last for a long period of time. Earbuds for small ears could be utilized in the outdoors or throughout sports to make sure that the most effective ones can endure the rough environment outside along with the elements. Guarantees and also other functions such as removable wires (for wired ones) aid to make these last for a very long time.

Energetic Noise Cancelation

This attribute exists in the most effective earbuds for small ears. It is very crucial as the individual might or may not want to shut off the outside world when listening to songs or while attending phone call. With active sound cavillation, the individual has the choice to close the outside world out or to allow it in to continue to be sharp to outside noises.

How To Fit Your Earbuds Perfectly?

How to Clean Earbuds or In-Ear Headphones?

How To Clean Your Wireless Earbuds?

That ends this checklist of the best running headphones for small ears.

I wish you’ve enjoyed reading this short article and that you now really feel influenced to go for a kept up some amazing beats to keep you motivated– I do!

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