Red Crawfish San Francisco  
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Red Crawfish San Francisco Red Crawfish San Francisco Red Crawfish San Francisco Red Crawfish San Francisco

Cajun inspired combos....even a flare of viet-chinese fusion to spice up our menu. Our working principle is to use only the best and freshest ingredients available in tasty, creative & exciting combinations. We are committed to always putting our customers first.

We also have live Louisiana Crawfish for exciting groups or parties and for those of you a little less adventurous, we have the Delta Crawfish. We can cater to large groups and events because of our flexible and friendly service.

We want to be your choice for an informal, casual and intimate dining venue without abandoning our substance for details in flavor. We want you our customers to know we provide a sense of familiarity of home cooked comfort foods, with new and not so new ingredients to fill your palates.

Kristine H. - Owner and chef
Kristine H. was always passionate about a diverse selection of good eats. She has always believed eating is an experience and quality is paramount. Besides her passion for cooking incredible seafood plates for her customers she enjoys going to nice restaurants and cooking with her friends and family. She enjoys kayaking and kayak fishing in her spare time. She loves art, going to charity fashion shows and interior design. She believes that balance is very important to live a peaceful and fulfilling life especially in this current world economy. She likes to incorporate that balance and beauty into the Red Crawfish experience. Come visit us and see for yourself.


San Francisco seafood and crawfish

crawfish, shrimp, seafood crawfish, shrimp, seafood


REDCRAWFISH 611 Larkin Street, San Francisco 94109. Tel: 415.771.1388